Carolyn Warner keynote presentation captivates listeners with a unique combination of humor, energy, and deep motivational and inspirational insights that connect speaker and listener in a notable way.  A David Bolger – Carolyn Warner workshop or seminar brings together a synthesis of expertise drawn from decades of business, education, civic, and political leadership that is engaging and challenging for participants, and compelling and on-point for client needs. Steady requests for repeat engagements are testament to C//ECI’s effectiveness and time/cost value.

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Most Requested Speech Topics

THINKING ANEW- Thriving on the challenges of change

Based on John Gardner’s landmark leadership research, Carolyn Warner challenges educators to “rethink leadership” and to chart personal and organizational action to build individual and team leadership potential. This presentation is ideal for planning for and coping with change; the session is nationally acclaimed for its effectiveness and “carry forward” effects.

EVERYBODY’S HOUSE – The schoolhouse

Drawing from her best-selling book by the same name, Carolyn Warner provides educators/educational leaders with specific strategies for strengthening the role that schools play in their communities. In these challenging times, schools – more than ever before – need to be seen as neighborhood “lighthouses”, providing a safe learning environment for students and a rallying place for parents and the community.

GNP- Growing New People

In an inspirational message, Carolyn Warner looks at education and its future in America, reminding her listeners that “The real GNP of America is Growing New People. That is the mission of leadership, and it takes place in America’s schools.” Warner draws a clear picture of the centrality of education to every other priority in American society, and she encourages educators to make the most of their unique roles as “opportunity creators”.

WORK & WORTH IN THE 21ST CENTURY – Building the American Dream

One of the most dramatic shifts in America today is the increasing diversity of the population and the changing demographics of the young people entering our schools. These changes confront everyone in America – families, educators, employers, and society in general – with growing and serious questions: Who are the next generation of thinkers and workers? What kinds of work will they do? Will they have the skills to succeed? Are our schools prepared to provide the solutions to these challenges or do they simply reflect old ways of doing new business? Explore these questions and the role of educators in helping to shape 21st Century America.

WALKING THROUGH QUICKSAND – Navigating the political rapids

The “politics” of education can be a hurdle for even the most experienced leader. Bond, millage, and budget override elections: school construction, relocation, closures, or consolidations; legislative and judicial actions; gaining public support for education initiatives: communicating these challenges effectively within and outside of the school community requires a deep understanding of both educational and public policy dynamics. Carolyn Warner – former school board member; elected statewide official; Presidential and Congressional appointee to national boards and commissions; consultant and advisor to foundations, state, national and international organizations, and Fortune 500 corporations – has the depth and breadth of experience to comprehensively describe the strategies for building coalitions and influencing public policy at all levels.

Carolyn brings a depth of experience and expertise to any speaking event. As Arizona’s former Superintendent of Public Instruction, she understands the role that educators play in this great institution of public education and exudes the same spirit that you see in schools and classrooms every day. As a speaker, she is a must for any organization wanting a lively and informative look at education today.

Dennis Van Roekel, Past President
National Education Association

If you are looking for a skilled, knowledgeable, and witty presenter, Carolyn is the one! Her familiarity with national and state education issues, coupled with her strong support of public schools, creates an inspirational message grounded in hard-earned wisdom and forgotten truths.

Dr. Deb Duvall, Former Executive Director
Arizona School Administrators

There are very few people that can speak to leadership with decades of experience in policy, politics and education. Carolyn captures all of these elements. Her rare blend of knowledge and experience can provide the wisdom and inspiration to develop new leadership in education.

Timothy Ogle, Ph.D. Executive Director,
ASBA Arizona School Boards Association

What sets Carolyn apart is her ability to explore, understand and connect with her audience in delivering valuable and effective content with an uplifting message – a truly outstanding speaker!

David Lewis, Executive Director
Arizona Association of School Business Officials

Throughout our history, American society has rested upon three pillars: the home, the faith community, and the school. Today, our schools and everything that they stand for have more and more become the essential glue that holds our nation together. Educators at every level have become society’s essential people. No one else, anywhere in America, even comes close.

Carolyn Warner, Founder
Corporate Education Consulting, Inc.

It would be difficult to find a better communicator of what is important in education than Carolyn Warner.

Jon Quam, Director – National Teacher of the Year Program
Council of Chief State School Officers

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