David Bolger

David J. Bolger

President & Co-Founder

  • Writer
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From his first experience at successful writing – when he won a statewide writing contest as a senior in high school – to the quietly-acclaimed writer that he is today, David Bolger has found his own voice in expressing the thoughts and policies of others in the voices of his clients. From aspiring and successful candidates at every level of government to corporate CEO’s, the spoken or written words of women and men alike are those given to them by David Bolger, or as one client said, “The man behind the curtain.”

 David is unsurpassed as a strategist.  Whether corporate, political, or the everyday business of business: he can do it all. A linear and critical thinker with the capacity to see the big picture, he is most comfortable working behind the scenes to help shape the “end game” that leads to the success of the undertaking. Undeterred by the risk-aversion of corporate politics or the clamor of a political campaign, Bolger keeps his eyes on the outcomes and the strategies needed to accomplish them.

  “David Bolger is able to synthesize complex plans or diverse groups into workable wholes better than anybody I’ve ever seen,” said one colleague. From years of working in settings comprised of competing interests, viewpoints, or philosophies, he has mastered the art of listening to different perspectives and massaging them into a coherent, do-able action plan that leads to success. The ability to intellectually stand outside the discussion and discern the commonality in what seems to be conflicting intents, then to shape into a cohesive whole, is a unique skill that David Bolger brings to the C//ECI consulting table.

Dr Carolyn Warner

1930 – 2018


Dr. Carolyn Warner

Founder and Chairman

  • Prolific
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  • Preeminent

Carolyn Warner was one of today’s most credible, engaging, and informed speakers, and a best-selling author. She delivered numerous keynote and seminar presentations annually, both in the U.S. and abroad – including to European Union conferences on education and the workforce.

After serving for 12 years as Arizona’s State Superintendent of Public Education (the first non-educator ever to be elected to that post), Warner and David Bolger formed Corporate//Education Consulting, Inc. (C//ECI) – a boutique speaking, training, and consulting firm.

Carolyn Warner was a champion for educators and educational leaders at every level. She provided frequent commentary on current public policy matters and helped to shape the direction of the education debate. She was nationally and internationally recognized as a fearless advocate for children, teachers, schools and their communities, and is especially noted for her work regarding workforce and workplace issues as they impact economic development.

        Carolyn’s remarkable career highlights:

  • 12 years as Arizona’s elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction – the first non-educator to hold that post

  • Gubernatorial candidate in 1986, winning her party’s nomination, narrowly losing in an historic 3-way general election

  • Presidential and Congressional appointee – National Skills Standards Board

  • Led the nation’s first sequential job skills identification initiative

  • Co-chair – Arizona Career and Technical Education Quality Skills Commission

  • Delegate – White House Conference on Small Business

  • National Treasurer – Jobs for America’s Graduates, the nation’s most successful school-to-career initiative

  • Policy Leader of the Year – National Association of State Boards of Education
  • Past President – Arizona Women’s Forum
  • Honorary Doctorate – Northern Arizona University
  • Racial Justice Award – YWCA of the USA
  • Carl Perkins Humanitarian Award -Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Arizona School Boards Association
“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”
“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly defeat age.”
“A poor speaker quits talking when he is tired. A good speaker quits before the audience is tired.”
“Those at the top have too many choices. Those at the bottom have too few. In the next century, the line between those who will be winners and those who will be losers will be sharper than ever, and that line is the product of education.”
David Halberstam, The Next Century
Better build schoolrooms for the boy, than cells and gibbets for the man.
Eliza Cook
“A speech should be as long as a piece of string – long enough to wrap up the package.”

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